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For more dental videos check out the following sites!

Checkdent: Over 200 easy-to-understand dental health videos produced by experts including both 3D animations and real-life video clips.

FreeDentalVideos: This site includes videos and verbal descriptions on a variety of common dental services and procedures.

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The American Dental Association: The American Dental Association is the oldest and largest national dental organization in the world. The ADA supports the best possible oral health care for the public by strengthening the dental profession. This web site contains information on every dental topic imaginable and is an excellent resource. Most of the brochures available at our office are published by the American Dental Association.

Dental Health Online: This web site has lots of general information. With Dental Health Online, find information on dental procedures and preventive treatment, cosmetic dentistry, oral health recommendations, dentistry news, answers to common oral health questions, and newsletters about popular dental topics.

WebMD: This website is a good source of general information about oral health, common symptoms and their treatments as well as articles and stories dealing with new trends in the oral health world.

Medline Plus: This site includes an extensive list of articles from the leading dental sources, such as the American Dental Society, covering a variety of topics from basic oral health, to nutrition, to information on dealing with specific conditions such as blood thinners and cancer. There are also articles on many related topics such as antibiotics, anesthesia, allergic re-actions, the anatomy of the mouth, etc. The site includes articles specifically for men, women, and seniors.

The American Dental Hygienists Association: This site has a lot of basic information on oral health care, including premature child, child, and adolescent health care. There is a section with Spanish materials and there are several fact sheets that are in the PDF file format that can easily be printed and used to educate friends and family.

This is the official site of the Oral Health Department of the CDC. Here you'll find articles related to oral health on a national scale such as information on the National Community Water Fluoridation project, School-based Sealant programs, infection control in dental settings, and guidelines recommendations on how to include oral health care into your resolution to be a healthier person.

Simple Steps Dental: This is a simple, user-friendly website that provides information on how to "prevent problems, understand conditions, and explore treatments" as well as a section devoted to parents, and interactive content such as videos and games for kids.

Healthy Teeth: "From baby teeth to braces, Healthy Teeth is all about what goes on inside your mouth. Produced by dentists for elementary aged kids curious about the "why?" of oral health." The site includes easy-to-read, short blurbs about common topics and fun illustrations.

Dental Education

Now is the time to educate your children about the importance of oral health in their lives! Here's a few sites with activities for kids such as coloring pages and word searches, and children's books related to dentistry and oral health.

Apples4theTeacher a useful resource for parents and teachers

DLTK-Kids projects for kids of all ages

The American Dental Association discusses what is involved in National Children's Dental Health Month. The site Includes activity sheets for kids in both English and Spanish!


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